I am Jenny Preddie, creator of Preddie cosmetics, a company I founded after receiving the devastating news that I would be losing my job due to COVID19 pandemic. As devastating as it was, I couldn’t stay stagnant. My passion for cosmetics began at a young age, during which I would dress up my barbie dolls, do their hair, and mimic the fashion style seen on TV. I transitioned from practicing on my dolls to my family and friends.

Initially, I wasn’t certain I would take on the cosmetology route, fearing lack of support from my family and especially considering that Caribbean parents have an automatic expectation of either a medicine or law degree from their children. Nevertheless, I overcame my hesitation and decided to pursue my passion. I obtained my cosmetology degree and initially began with hairstyling and later switched to makeup full-time. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with several illustrious brands, such as Dior, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Inglot, Bobbi Brown, and more. Years of said experiences have accumulated to my creation of Preddie Cosmetics where I strive to make people feel good about themselves without breaking the bank. I vow to help you achieve the look you want with the best products at affordable prices.


This highlighter is just like the gold fenty highlighter but more affordable! I’ll get a couple more for my mom and my sister

Tania Williams

I love these lashes! Extremely soft and natural looking. This is a gorgeous everyday lash look.

Evodie T

I love these lashes! I was scared they were gonna be too much but they look so natural

Lisa G

I bought this mirror for my wife she loves it!

Kevin Butler

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