To our JPD Friends and Family—we hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

As we continue to respond to evolving COVID-19 conditions, this page will be updated with our latest global status.

The current crisis has reaffirmed how small the world really is and as we navigate our way through this uncertainty it is important that we protect ourselves, our families and each other in these difficulty.

We as a business are closely monitoring what is going on and will follow all World Healthcare Organisation. We are taking active steps to keep our business safe and hygienic.
we have increased our already intensive hygiene practices which have always been in place due to the nature of our product.

Please be assured you are not at risk of being contaminated by Covid-19 with any of Preddie Cosmetics products.
Our  products are again sanitized. We work  with no external people coming in & our team are taking all necessary precautions to not take any risk of being contaminated outside of work.


As we continue to learn more and follow all the latest information from the CDC, WHO, and local governments, we will evolve our practices to ensure we are doing what’s right for all our

JPD Babes.

Thank you again for your continued support and loyalty.

Your JPD fam.

We are here for you and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have so please stay in touch.

Or you can reach out via INSTAGRAM, DM us on @jpdcollection 
We are all in this together and whilst we are being told to distance ourselves socially, now more than ever we must stay connected, remain positive and lift each other’s spirits.