Wax Warmer for Hair Removal - Wax Machine for Hair Removal Wax Pot with Nonstick Coating for Brazilian Eyebrow leg Body Waxing Kit for Women and Men

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  • DURABLE WAX WARMER FOR HAIR REMOVAL: Thanks to a quality non-flammable material with a shockproof effect and great heat insulation abilities, our hot wax warmer stays with you for a long time.
  • FAST HEATING: In about 10 minutes, this hard wax warmer melts the wax from 160 to 240°F. The wax pot controls the temperature precisely and includes a shut-off feature.
  • EASY CLEANING: No more greasy wax beans stuck to your waxing machine! A non-stick removable aluminum wax pot is easy to clean while an external handle reduces dropping during use.
  • ALL TYPES OF WAX: From beans and beads to canned wax – our wax heater for hair removal works with any type of material convenient for you!
  • FULL CONTROL: Monitor the meltdown process with a see-through vented lid that keeps heat. The wax warmer pot includes a long 2.8'' cord for comfortable depilation.
The Ultimate Wax Warmer for Hair Removal Are you tired of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in expensive parlours for your waxing sessions? This is a highly functional wax warmer designed to work well with all types of waxes, including beans, beads, block, hard, or canned wax. This hot wax warmer allows you to completely remove unwanted hair from your legs, arms, eyebrows, bikini area, or face with lasting results and delays regrowth for weeks. A High-Quality Wax Pot for Hair Removal This wax machine for hair removal is made of high-quality and non-flammable ABS material to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and last for years. Our wax warmer pot is shockproof and specifically designed with a protective non-stick coating that allows the wax to melt without sticking to the surface, making it easy to clean. An Ergonomically Designed Wax Warmer Thanks to our see-through lid design, you can easily monitor the condition of your wax and maintain the heat without opening the wax heater. The 2.8” long cord makes it easy to place your wax warmer anywhere you want. This new wax warmer for waxing also comes with adjustable temperature settings (ranging from 160 to 240°F) that allow you to choose the best temperature for your waxing . Please Note: This product is only a wax heater. There are no wax bags or sprays. It’s just an electric wax heater with a manual switch for temperature control (see photo for more details).